The Final Farewell of Namie Amuro Was Nostalgic To The Fans

When we mention about Namie Amuro, what are we really think about her? Our youth idol? fashion queen? or talented singer? Well, Amuro is a lenged of Japanese music industry, she has published 17 albums since her debuted, and won the best Asian singer award in WORLD MUSIC AWARD at 2010. She has been debuted over 20 years and still retains a huge impact on Japanese youth.


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Tokyo Disney’s 2019 blessing bag is cute and affordable, come and try your luck

Japan’s 2019 blessing bag sales information has not stopped, and everyone has already got a few bags? Of course, the Japanese Disney Store will not be absent from this annual event. It will gather Disney products in this year’s selected items and offer discount coupons to make you more motivated to shop in the coming year. This blessing bag naturally has to be included in the list. Let’s look at the introduction of the Japanese Disney store 2019 blessing bag! Read More

Super popular Japanese matcha pudding, Definitly Try!

Japan is a country known for its exquisite desserts, and well-known desserts are include Wagashi, Mochi,  Dorayaki and Yokan. But today, they have nothing do to with the topic, l want to introduce the three popular matcha puddings from Japan. Although the tastes are the same, but there are differences in the production and ingredients, which makes them the best companion for this winter!

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Meet The Rising Star: Hailun Zhou

Different people has their own definition on fashion design, some people think of it as the basic condition for survival; but there still lots of who has true passion on it, today we meet Hailun Zhou, a Chinese fashion designer from Academy of Art University who’s collection was on the stage of 2017 Graduate Fashion Show on NY fashion week. Hailun is from Shanghai and she has always inspiring and influencing on other fashion student; she also collaborate with many stylist and got published on magazine. Today, let getting closer to her personal, understanding her fashion identity, and sharing her design experience. Read More

Great Handbook with Perfect Pilot G2 Pen

Handbook is a big friend of Japanese, they using handbook to write down every single details of daily life, sometimes, handbook is also a drawing board for artists, most of the accounts are equipped with calendars and pens. They can be used to hold business cards and papers. Different page divisions have functions to meet different types of needs. For this time, inspired by Hobonichi: Doraemon handbook—it’s great way to have a smooth-writing and fully inked Pilot G2 pen to decorate your handbook and life!

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Top 6 Japanese Small Brands You WIll Love

When we mention Japanese brands, what are we thinking about? Shiseido, Shu Uemura, UniqloCOMME des GARÇONS Or High-end skin care line such as SK-II and The Ginza? Well, Japan is the origin of Asian pop culture, It is not only these international brands that are well known to the public, but also some local small Japanese brands that can replace them in terms of quality, design and ingredients. And these Japanese small brands are loved by the Japanese girls since they don’t have money to purchase the expensive products. They all have natural, original design, and fabric comfort features, and some brands are even beyond the reach of big brands. So these are top 6 Japanese small brands you will love for this year!

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